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Announced long-term support plan for commercetools SDKs

31 August 2021

We set up following long-term support plan for our SDKs containing dates when we will stop active support and maintenance for the SDKs of Version 1, and finally their end-of-life date. Additionally, we have provided information about migrating to our SDKs of Version 2 that we update constantly with the newest API features soon after they are released. This support plan should give you an indication when to schedule the migration to the SDKs of Version 2.

Active Support: The SDK is being actively maintained and upgraded with new functionality and improvements to existing funtionality. Reported bugs are being fixed and patches for security vulnerabilities are being provided.

Maintenance: The SDK is nearing End of Life (EOL) and will only receive bug fixes and security patches for a short window of time and features. Functionality will be added only if requested explicitly by customers via support tickets or GitHub issues.

End of life: The SDK is no longer maintained and will not be patched with fixes for bugs or known security vulnerabilities.

SDKActive SupportMaintenance SupportEnd of Life
JVM SDK Version 128 February 202231 December 20221 January 2023
PHP SDK Version 128 February 202231 August 20221 September 2022
DotNET Core SDK Version 128 February 202231 August 20221 September 2022
DotNET SDKnot providednot provided1 September 2021
  • What does that mean to you ?
    You don't need to take any action as long as the SDK you use is in Active Support. We recommend you to migrate to the respective Version 2 of the SDK at your earliest convenience, but latest before End of Life is reached for the SDK of Version 1. If needed, you can still request enhancements for the SDK of Version 1 until its Maintanance Support date, but not beyond that.

  • Why is this changing?
    Our SDKs of Version 1 have served a long term, but they require us a lot of effort to keep them up with all the new API features we constantly release. Our SDKs of Version 2 are auto-generated from the API specification and so kept in sync with the API features as they are released. This reduces the delay in which you as SDK user have to wait until you can utilize a new API feature.

  • Which SDKs you should migrate to?
    You should migrate to these auto-generated SDKs:

  • Are there any guides on migrating to new SDKs?
    Yes, links to the migration guides are provided on the above mentioned individual SDK documentation pages.

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