Available Scripts

To develop Merchant Center Custom Applications we recommend using the @commercetools-frontend/mc-scripts package. It's a command-line interface, inspired by react-scripts to develop and build a React application.

mc-scripts start

This command starts the application in development mode. The page will reload if you edit source files.

mc-scripts build

This command bundles the application in production mode to the dist/assets folder. It also creates an index.html.template file, which contains references to the generated bundle entry points. This file needs to be compiled to index.html, based on runtime values. See Production build for more information.

mc-scripts compile-html

This command compiles the index.html.template file into an index.html file, based on the application config. Additionally, it also generates Content Security Policy headers, including SHA hashes based on the runtime configuration. See the Compiling a Custom Application section for more information.

This script requires mc-scripts build to be executed first.

mc-scripts serve

This command starts a HTTP server to serve the previously built and compiled Custom Application from the public folder.