This is the legacy documentation of Project-level Custom Applications, which is in maintenance mode. Visit the new documentation for Org-level Custom Applications.



commercetools strives to provide the best developer experience for building Custom Applications, allowing you to focus on building features and business logic instead of focusing on tooling. commercetools open source packages can be grouped into two parts: development tools and application libraries.

Development tools

The packages in this group are used for things around development like starting a dev server, providing Babel/Jest/ESLint presets, etc.

Application libraries

The packages in this group are used for developing the React application. They are bundled with Rollup for both CommonJS 1 and ES Modules 2 targets. Some of those packages should not need to be used directly, others are necessary to build an application.

  1. CommonJS, also abbreviated as CJS, refers to the Node.js module resolution syntax.
  2. ES Modules, also abbreviated as ESM, refers to the new standardized module system in JavaScript.