Product Suggestions

The suggestions can be used to implement a basic auto-complete functionality.

The source of data for suggestions is the searchKeyword field in a product (see ProductData).



  • text - String
    The suggested text.


The result can contain several such pairs, see the product search keywords suggest example.

Suggest Query

Endpoint: /{projectKey}/product-projections/suggest
Method: GET
OAuth2 Scopes: view_products:{projectKey}
Response Representation: SuggestionResult
Query Parameters:

  • searchKeywords.{lang} - String - Required
    Retrieves suggestion text from the SearchKeywords of ProductData in the given language. The language is an ↗ IETF language tag . A request can contain several searchKeywords.{lang} parameters for different languages. The input is matched against the tokens defined by the SearchKeyword suggestTokenizer.
  • fuzzy - Boolean - Optional (Defaults to false)
    Whether to use fuzzy search.
  • limit - Number - Optional
    Default is 10 results per language and the maximum is 100 results per language.
  • staged - Boolean - Optional (Defaults to false)
    Whether to search in the current or staged projections.

Example suggest request

GET /{projectKey}/product-projections/suggest?searchKeywords.en=knife&fuzzy=true&staged=true&limit=5

Product Search Keywords Suggest Examples

Consider a product with the following searchKeywords:

"en": [{
"text": "Multi tool"
}, {
"text": "Swiss Army Knife",
"suggestTokenizer": {
"type": "whitespace"
"de": [{
"text": "Schweizer Messer",
"suggestTokenizer": {
"type": "custom",
"inputs": ["schweizer messer", "offiziersmesser", "sackmesser"]

No Tokenizer

GET /{projectKey}/product-projections/suggest?searchKeywords.en=multi will return

{ "searchKeywords.en": [{"text": "Multi tool"}] }

since multi is a prefix of “Multi tool”.

GET /{projectKey}/product-projections/suggest?searchKeywords.en=tool returns no results since “Multi tool” does not have a tokenizer set.

Whitespace Tokenizer

GET /{projectKey}/product-projections/suggest?searchKeywords.en=kni will return

{ "searchKeywords.en": [{"text": "Swiss Army Knife"}] }

since the text “Swiss Army Knife” uses a whitespace tokenizer and kni is a prefix of “Knife”.

Custom Tokenizer

GET /{projectKey}/product-projections/suggest? will return

{ "": [{"text": "Schweizer Messer"}] }

since the text “Schweizer Messer” uses a custom tokenizer and offiz is a prefix of one of the tokenizer inputs.

Suggestions For Two Languages

GET /{projectKey}/product-projections/suggest? will return

"": [{"text": "Schweizer Messer"}],
"searchKeywords.en": [{"text": "Multi tool"}]