Import API Release Notes

Added endpoints for Order and Customer imports

1 October 2020

The Import API now supports two additional resource types, Orders and Customers.

To create or update bulk Orders in the commercetools platform, use the Importing Orders endpoint. This new feature calls platform endpoints such as Create an Order by Import for creating new orders and Update Order for updating existing orders.

To create or update customers in bulk in the commercetools platform, use Importing Customers endpoint. This new feature calls platform endpoints such as Create Customer for creating new cutomers and Update Customer for updating existing cutomers.

The new feature includes the following changes.

Orders import:

Customers import:

Public beta release of Import API

3 September 2020

Recently we introduced Import API to allow you to import your large amount of data into commercetools using API first approach.

While the previous solutions for data importing still being relevant, we launch the import API as a beta solution and intend to understand your data import use cases. Import API is in public beta but it supports almost all the major resource types such as Product, Category, Product Type, Variants, and Prices.

You can try new import API using Postman collection or you can use our latest SDKs to implement solutions programmatically.


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