Product discount Rule builder UI Controls

15 September 2017 Product discounts Discount Rule builder

Addition of new easy to use controls in the Product discount rule builder.

Product discount Rule builder

Now you can easily apply Channel, Country, Currency and Customer group rules to restrict your discount to only apply to specific Product prices in addition to any other condition or rule.

For example, you would like to create a 20% discount for all Shirts that cost over 50 euros for your VIP members. You would like this discount to only apply to your store in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Hamburg, Germany.


You can add a Channel rule for your Amsterdam and Hamburg store by searching for Amsterdam and Hamburg in your Channel input field. 15.09.2017 - ProdDisc Rule builder Channel


And then search for the two associated countries: The Netherlands and Germany. 15.09.2017 - ProdDisc Rule builder Country


To make sure that this discount only applies to Shirts with a price over 50 euros, you can add the rule for an amount of 50 and with euros as the currency. 15.09.2017 - ProdDisc Rule builder Currency

Customer group

Finally, to make sure that this does discount only applies to prices meant for your VIP members, you can easily select the VIP customer group. 15.09.2017 - ProdDisc Rule builder Customer group