Updates in Category List and Search

6 September 2017 Categories Category list Category search

We have made some improvement upgrades to our Category list and Category search.

In our Category list, we increased the number of categories we can load to 200 categories per level. We have done so to provide you with a high performing Category list. If you have over 200 categories per level, please use our Search feature which is accessible with the toggle switch at the top of the page. You can apply a ‘Subcategory’ filter to see the full like of all categories under a specific Category.

06.09.2017 - Category list 06.09.2017 - Category search In our Category search list, we also added the feature of sorting by relevance. When you enter a search term, the list of results returned will now be sorted based on the Relevance to the search term. You can now also see the ‘Sort by’ above the table header in our Category search list - select the information icon when sorting by Relevance to learn more.