4 September 2018

We are updating the SSL setup to only support TLS 1.2 for all encrypted connections. Starting October 2018, we will drop support for older SSL/TLS versions. For exact details on the SSL/TLS setup that we will support refer to the Security section of the general HTTP API documentation.

For application testing, we offer temporary URLs that already support the new setup. These URLs are available now but only until end of September when the changes go into effect. The test URLs are:

For EU:

  • https://auth-tls12.commercetools.com
  • https://api-tls12.commercetools.com

For US:

  • https://auth-tls12.commercetools.co
  • https://api-tls12.commercetools.co

Please note again that these URLs are for testing purposes only and will be shut down as soon as the main setup has changed.

The SSL setup change as outlined here will go into effect on Monday, 1 October 2018 between 9 and 11 AM (UTC).