4 June 2019
GraphQLPricingProduct Catalog

Product Discounts now have a user defined key attribute. You can use the key attribute when querying, updating, or deleting a ProductDiscount.

  • [API] Added the key attribute on the ProductDiscount and ProductDiscountDraft representations.
  • [API] You can now get, update, and delete a Product Discount by its key.
  • [GraphQL API] Added the following types to the GraphQL schema: SetProductDiscountKey.
  • [GraphQL API] Changed the ProductDiscount type:
    • Added the key field to the ProductDiscount type.
  • [GraphQL API] Changed the ProductDiscountUpdateAction type:
    • Input field setKey was added to ProductDiscountUpdateAction type
  • [GraphQL API] Changed the Mutation type:
    • Mutation.updateProductDiscount(id) description is changed
    • Argument key was added to Mutation.updateProductDiscount field
    • Mutation.deleteProductDiscount(id) description is changed
    • Mutation.updateProductDiscount(id) type changed from String! to String
    • Mutation.deleteProductDiscount(id) type changed from String! to String
    • Argument key was added to Mutation.deleteProductDiscount field

Introduced the following changes to the GraphQL schema (in SDL format):

extend type ProductDiscount {
key: String
extend input ProductDiscountUpdateAction {
setKey: SetProductDiscountKey
extend input ProductDiscountDraft {
key: String
input SetProductDiscountKey {
key: String