23 December 2019

We've released support for CloudEvents version 1.0. CloudEvents is a specification for describing event data in a common way. CloudEvents seeks to ease event declaration and delivery across services, platforms, and beyond. It is hosted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

As of now, the version 0.1 is deprecated and will not be supported after March 2020. Please update or replace your existing CloudEvent Subscriptions. The documentation around 0.1 has been removed.

The 1.0 version of the spec has had several major changes, including renaming and lowercasing of all attributes, as well as the introduction of the subject field. We have removed all of the proprietary extensions and support two documented extension attributes: dataref and sequence/sequencetype. The data field payload is now one of the known payloads (that means either a Message Payload, a ResourceCreated Payload, a ResourceUpdated Payload, or a ResourceDeleted Payload).

  • [API] Added the CloudEvents 1.0 Format to the Subscriptions API.
  • [API] New Delivery Payload for the CloudEvents Format in accordance to the 1.0 version of the specification.