3 February 2020

commercetools Composable Commerce is now available on AWS in addition to the existing Regions which are operated on the Google Cloud Platform. All self sign-up accounts continue to be created in Google Cloud Regions.

Machine Learning APIs are not available on the AWS Regions.

To increase region and cloud provider transparency, a new host naming scheme has been introduced for the API. Existing API host names will continue to be available as aliases for backwards compatibility.

Merchant Center and ImpEx will receive new host URLs later in a separate step. Merchant Center users will then automatically be forwarded to the new URLs.

Although the deprecated hostnames like api.sphere.io (Google Cloud, Belgium), api.commercetools.com (Google Cloud, Belgium) and api.commercetools.co (Google Cloud, Iowa) and their respective counterparts for the auth hosts remain intact as aliases, we strongly encourage changing your configuration to the new host name structure.

Further Changes:

  • [Documentation] Integrated ImpEx documentation content into the general "Developer Center" documentation section