7 December 2020
GraphQLProduct CatalogPricing

Product suggestions can now be queried using the GraphQL API. Product discounts can now be retrieved by key, using the GraphQL API.

  • [GraphQL API] Added the following types to the GraphQL schema: SearchKeywordArgument, SuggestResult, SuggestResultEntry, Suggestion.
  • [GraphQL API] Changed the Query type:
    • Added the productProjectionsSuggest field to the Query type.
    • Argument key was added to Query.productDiscount field
    • Query.productDiscount(id) type changed from String! to String

The following changes were introduced in terms of GraphQL SDL:

extend type Query {
productProjectionsSuggest(searchKeywords: [SearchKeywordArgument!]!, fuzzy: Boolean, limit: Int = 10, staged: Boolean = false): SuggestResult!
input SearchKeywordArgument {
searchKeyword: String!
locale: Locale!
type SuggestResult {
searchKeywords: [SuggestResultEntry!]!
type SuggestResultEntry {
locale: Locale!
suggestions: [Suggestion!]!
type Suggestion {
text: String!