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Introduced limits on Store's Inventory Supply and Product Distribution Channels.

20 August 2021

To ensure best performance for your queries we have now limited the Channel settings for Stores. From now on each of your Stores can have

  • up to 100 Inventory Supply Channels and
  • up to 100 Product Distribution Channels

by default.

These default limits can be increased if needed after we have reviewed the performance impact on your project. To request a limit increase, contact us via the Support Portal, specifying your project region, project key and your use case.

  • [API] Added limit validation on the following endpoints:

    It means that API calls leading to exceeding these limits will now fail with a 400 Bad Request MaxResourceLimitExceeded error.

  • [GraphQL API] Changed the StoreLimitsProjection type:

    • Added the productDistributionChannels field to the StoreLimitsProjection type.
    • Added the inventorySupplyChannels field to the StoreLimitsProjection type.

The following changes were introduced in terms of GraphQL SDL:

extend type StoreLimitsProjection {
inventorySupplyChannels: Limit!
productDistributionChannels: Limit!
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