20 August 2021
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To ensure best performance for your queries we have now limited the Channel settings for Stores. From now on each of your Stores can have

  • up to 100 Inventory Supply Channels and
  • up to 100 Product Distribution Channels

by default.

These default limits can be increased if needed after we have reviewed the performance impact on your project. To request a limit increase, contact us via the Support Portal, specifying your project region, project key and your use case.

  • [API] Added limit validation on the following endpoints:

    It means that API calls leading to exceeding these limits will now fail with a 400 Bad Request MaxResourceLimitExceeded error.

  • [GraphQL API] Changed the StoreLimitsProjection type:

    • Added the productDistributionChannels field to the StoreLimitsProjection type.
    • Added the inventorySupplyChannels field to the StoreLimitsProjection type.

The following changes were introduced in terms of GraphQL SDL:

extend type StoreLimitsProjection {
inventorySupplyChannels: Limit!
productDistributionChannels: Limit!