8 December 2021

AWS EventBridge is now supported as a Subscription destination. Configuring EventBridge as a destination allows your serverless event bus to receive message from commercetools Composable Commerce and forward them to a variety of targets based on forwarding rules. Please find more information in our tutorial.

  • [API] Added EventBridge destination.
  • [GraphQL API] Added the following types to the GraphQL schema: EventBridgeDestination, EventBridgeDestinationInput, SetCartLineItemSupplyChannel.
  • [GraphQL API] Changed the SearchIndexingConfiguration type:
    • Added the categoriesDisabledForInternalTest field to the SearchIndexingConfiguration type.
  • [GraphQL API] Changed the CartUpdateAction type:
    • Input field setLineItemSupplyChannel was added to CartUpdateAction type
  • [GraphQL API] Changed the MyCartUpdateAction type:
    • Input field setLineItemSupplyChannel was added to MyCartUpdateAction type
  • [GraphQL API] Changed the SetStagedOrderReturnInfo type:
    • SetStagedOrderReturnInfo.items default value changed from none to []
  • [GraphQL API] Changed the DestinationInput type:
    • Input field EventBridge was added to DestinationInput type
  • [GraphQL API] Changed the ProductProjection type:
    • Removed the key field from the ProductProjection type.
  • [GraphQL API] Changed the SetOrderReturnInfo type:
    • SetOrderReturnInfo.items default value changed from none to []

The following changes were introduced in terms of GraphQL SDL:

extend type SearchIndexingConfiguration {
categoriesDisabledForInternalTest: Boolean
extend input CartUpdateAction {
setLineItemSupplyChannel: SetCartLineItemSupplyChannel
extend input MyCartUpdateAction {
setLineItemSupplyChannel: SetCartLineItemSupplyChannel
extend input DestinationInput {
EventBridge: EventBridgeDestinationInput
type EventBridgeDestination implements Destination {
source: String!
region: String!
accountId: String!
type: String!
input EventBridgeDestinationInput {
region: String!
accountId: String!
input SetCartLineItemSupplyChannel {
lineItemId: String!
supplyChannel: ResourceIdentifierInput