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Added Price Selection to Product Projection Search on GraphQL API

22 December 2021
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The Product Projection Search feature on the GraphQL API now supports Price Selection.


  • [GraphQL API] Added the following types to the GraphQL schema: ScopedPrice.
  • [GraphQL API] Changed the ProductSearchVariant type:
    • Added the scopedPrice field to the ProductSearchVariant type.
    • Added the scopedPriceDiscounted field to the ProductSearchVariant type.
  • [GraphQL API] Changed the PriceSelectorInput type:
    • input field type changed from DateTime! to DateTime

The following changes were introduced in terms of GraphQL SDL:

extend type ProductSearchVariant {
scopedPrice: ScopedPrice
scopedPriceDiscounted: Boolean
type ScopedPrice {
id: String!
value: BaseMoney!
currentValue: BaseMoney!
country: String
customerGroupRef: Reference
customerGroup: CustomerGroup
channelRef: Reference
channel: Channel
validFrom: DateTime
validUntil: DateTime
discounted: DiscountedProductSearchPriceValue
custom: CustomFieldsType
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