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4 November 2022

The release notes published before 4 November 2022 are archived below.

3 November 2022

Feature: Netlify links in the Studio

For commercetools Frontend projects, we've added a link to the customer's Netlify account in two places. The first is in the profile dropdown, and a user can access it from anywhere in the Studio (apart from the page builder). The second is in the deployment area, as they also need to do a frontend deployment. Note: Don't edit the slug of your Netlify account in Netlify. This will remove the links from the Studio.

Enhancement: Update sandbox intro text

The intro text to sandboxes was incorrect as it had out-of-date information, we've updated this.

Enhancement: Order components and categories alphabetically

Our component categories and the components within them were in what seemed like a random order. We've now updated this, so both categories appear in alphabetical order, and the components within them are in alphabetical order. Note that there are two exceptions: the Drafts schema category is always at the bottom of the list, and all the unnamed components are at the end of the category list.

Enhancement: Update naming on download schemas

In some areas of the Studio, the button to download a schema always said Download app schema even when it wasn't an app. We've updated this so the copy is relevant to the schema being downloaded.

Enhancement: Add the email of the person who last changed a schema

The components area wasn't consistent with other schema areas as it didn't display the email address of the person who last edited the schema. We've now added this to the view.

Fix: Update email template design issues

There were a few design issues with our new email templates, we've now fixed these.

20 October 2022

Enhancement: Drag and drop capability within dynamic page rules

We've added the ability to drag and drop the order of dynamic page rules. This means that you can now prioritize your dynamic page rules for what will be displayed to your customers first (if something matches more than 1 page rule). Or you can use it to organize your page rules.

Enhancement: Only allow a user to delete a data source when it isn't used

We've reenabled the delete button on data source schemas. However, if a data source is in use anywhere, the delete button will be disabled so it can't be deleted.

Enhancement: Delete data sources and their corresponding entities

When deleting a data source in commercetools Frontend projects, the data source schema is only removed from the database, whereas all the entities that correspond to this data source, like, page folder, pages, and page matchers aren't removed. We've changed this so that if a data source is in use, it can't be deleted.

Enhancement: Stack inline notifications

We've changed the way multiple inline notifications are displayed, they'll now be stacked rather than showing one after the other.

Fix: Images with a forward slash in the mediaId can't be opened or edited

There was a bug where if an image had a slash in the mediaId, it couldn't be opened or edited. We've fixed this.

Fix: Chrome v106.0.5249.119 Page folder drag and drop bug

There was a bug where the site builder page breaks when dragging page folders on Chrome version 106.0.5249.119. We've fixed this.

Fix: Updated email template has a few design issues on production

There was a bug where the updated design of the email template didn't match our design on production. We've made some fixes but need to deploy to production to test these updates work.

13 October 2022

Feature: Save schema as draft

As the next step in the updates to the schema editor, you can now save a new schema as a draft and then edit and publish it at a later date, so you don't lose any work.

Enhancement: Update error logs for sandboxes for commercetools Frontend projects

We've updated the sandbox error log to remove the reference to Frontastic.

Enhancement: Only allow users to delete schema in the highest available environment

Schemas could be deleted in any environment, which could cause issues for sites. You'll now only be able to delete a schema in the highest environment it's available in.

Enhancement: Update emails to remove Frontastic branding

We've updated our invite and forgotten password emails to the commercetools brand for commercetools Frontend projects. In this release, the emails won't include logos as more work is required to deliver this.

Enhancement: Add money field type to commercetools Frontend projects

When the extension runner returned the type money in commercetools Frontend projects, it wasn't being handled. We've now added a field definition for the type of money.

Enhancement: Improve error message when dynamic filter loading fails

If the endpoint for loading dynamic filter information failed, the Studio only displayed the message An error occurred while loading dynamic filters. We've made a small update for now but will improve this further in another ticket.

Fix: If a parent folder is changed to a lower environment than a sub-folder, the sub-folder can't be edited

Because of the way our environments work, there was a way to make it, so a page folder was uneditable. We've updated this so that a sub-folder can only be in the same or lower environments as the parent, and a parent folder can only be in the same environment or higher than a sub-folder.

Fix: Redirect table layout is broken when there's a very long redirect source

There was a bug in the redirects table, where the layout would break if there was a very long redirect source path. We've fixed this.

Fix: Issues with editing media

There were multiple bugs with the media area, but these were mainly caused by an issue with Cloudinary (which has been resolved). But there was 1 where a tag wouldn't show up in the list which we fixed by increasing the limit of tags allowed.

Fix: The options in the data source color filter selector look weird

There was a bug where the options got cut off in the color filter selector even when they were short strings, and there was more than enough space available. We've fixed this.

Fix: When you focus a disabled button you see a focus outline

There was a bug where there a focus outline on a disabled button. We've fixed this.

22 September 2022

Bug fix: Remove inUse property when editing data sources

There was a bug where there are some page folders have an attribute as inUse. It was created on the frontend and created an issue when sent to the backend. We've removed this attribute.

20 September 2022

Bug fix: Studio replication endpoint error

There was a bug where a draft attribute was used in schema documents. We've unset draft attribute code from schema documents for now.

16 September 2022

Bug fix: Data source filters not added properly

There was a bug where data source filters were added to the root of the search query. We've fixed this, and it's now on the filters object.

15 September 2022

Fix: Fix the search bar when users scroll in page folders

We've fixed the search bar in the site builder, so the search bar will remain visible as users scroll down the list of page folders. This means they don’t need to scroll to the top to search if they can't find the page folder they're looking for.

Fix: Fix the value of the sort attribute when creating a dynamic page rule for the first time

To allow us to be able to set the sort order of dynamic page rules, we need to fix the value of the sort attribute. Doing this now will allow us to implement the sort functionality later.

Bug fix: Changes to existing data source not saved

There was a bug where it didn't seem like data source filters weren't saving. This is because upon saving, we refetch the page folders and if you click back on the page folder settings before the request has finished, it seems like it hasn’t been edited. We've updated this so that we only update once the request has finished loading. However, we've created another ticket to investigate what improvements we can do on the backend as well.

8 September 2022

Feature: Schema editor

As a new developer to commercetools Frontend, it isn't easy to understand how to write a schema for a component, data source, dynamic page, page folder settings, and project settings.

We've added a schema builder to all areas where a schema can be built. A developer can write the JSON for a schema in the Studio, validate it works (and have contextual errors if not), and preview how the schema will look for the business user. They'll also have help within the Studio to show what's available and what they can do with schemas.

For more information, see the using the schema editor article.

Feature: Edit data sources filters in the page builder

We've added the ability to edit data source filters at any time within a page version.

Feature: Update design of markdown editor for multiple languages

We've updated the design of the markdown editor when there are multiple languages, so it's clearer which language is the default, and we grey out the text when a language is taking it from the default.

Feature: Show how many sandboxes have been used

We've added the ability to see how many sandboxes are available in your project and how many have been used.

Fix: Update favicon to commercetools and page title to Studio

We've updated the favicon to the commercetools logo and updated the page title to Studio.

Fix: Update background color of commercetools logo

We've updated the logo in the top left corner of the page to the commercetools color logo with white background.

Fix: Update login logo and remove all references to Frontastic

We've updated the logo on the login screen to the commercetools Frontend logo. We've also removed all references to Frontastic within the Studio. NOTE: The links to the documentation will still go to which mentions Frontastic. There's an ongoing project within the documentation team to fix this.

Fix: Move all add buttons to the header of an area

We've moved all add buttons from the bottom right of screens where they could cover information to the bottom right of the header section. We've also changed them from using an icon to using copy which improves accessibility.

Fix: Update empty states across the Studio

The empty states across the Studio didn't have the same behavior or design, so we've aligned this everywhere in the Studio.

Fix: Wrong hover message showing on copy button in sandboxes area

In the sandbox area, the hover text on the copy button said Duplicate. We've updated this, so it now says Copy.

Fix: Components with long names don't look good

When a component has a long name, they don't display well in the page builder or in the components area. We've updated this, so they truncate, and the full name is displayed on hover.

Fix: Update spelling of resend in team area

On the hover text for the resend button, we had spelled it as re-send. We’ve updated this to resend.

Fix: Change how dynamic page area is displayed

In the Developer area, we were only showing the dynamic page schema area in production as they can only be created in production. However, we had different behavior in other areas. So, we've aligned this. Now, you can see the dynamic page schema area in any environment, but with info hover text to let you know that you can only access it in production.

Bug fix: Description field doesn’t show without a name

There was a bug where a description field in schema wouldn't show in the Studio unless it had a name field provided. This shouldn't be the case, so we've fixed this.

Bug fix: Changes to existing data source not saved

There was a bug where it didn't seem like data source filters weren't saving. This is because upon saving, we refetch the page folders and if you click back on the page folder settings before the request has finished, it seems like it hasn’t been edited. We've updated this so that we only update once the request has finished loading. However, we've created another ticket to investigate what improvements we can do on the backend as well.

25 August 2022

Bug fix: Saving a dynamic page rule causes an issue similar to FP-1388

There was a bug when a user creates a new dynamic page rule in commercetools Frontend (Next.js), the __master stream type is the dynamic page type instead of the custom data source type that it's supposed to be. We previously fixed this, but we found a similar issue that could cause inconsistencies in the database as well and break some of the data source configurations in the dynamic page rule. So, we’ve fixed this too.

24 August 2022

Feature: Frontend: Update reference field type to be translatable in a component schema

The only fields that are translatable in a schema are string, text, and markdown. We’ve now added the ability for commercetools Frontend (Next.js project) customers to be able to do this for the reference field type. The default is translatable=false, so they need to set translatable=true in their schema for this to work.

Bug fix: Frontend: Delete button on a table isn't on the right of the screen if the resolution is smaller than expected

The was a bug when a screen size wasn’t 1920x1080, the delete button in a table goes below the search bar. We’ve fixed this so the button stays where it should and how it should be displayed.

10 August 2022

Bug fix: Wrong warning message when uploading a schema that doesn't exist in that environment

There was a bug where we were showing an incorrect warning to users when they try to upload a schema to a higher environment than where a component already exists. We've updated this warning, so it's correct.

Bug fix: Studio breaks when a page folder that doesn't exist is in the URL

There was a bug when a user has selected a page folder, and then they change projects, and that page folder doesn't exist, the Studio breaks. We've fixed this bug.

27 July 2022

Feature: Search dynamic page rules

We've added the ability to search for dynamic page rules. Some users have many dynamic page rules, making it difficult to find the one they want to edit. Adding the ability to search the name of the page rule will save our users time and frustration. Note: this will only show when there are more than 5 dynamic page rules.

Fix: Keep page folder or dynamic page folder selected when changing environments

If a user selected a page folder and then changed environments, the selected page folder would be unselected with the environment changed. This meant that users would have to search again to find where they were previously selected. We've updated this so that the selected item will stay selected when a user changes environments.

Bug fix: Can't add multiple attributes to the content API search data source

There was a bug where a user could only enter a single attribute in the content API data source filter. We've fixed this so a user can now enter multiple attributes.

Bug fix: Markdown editor returning undefined instead of fallback/default values

There was a bug when there were multiple languages in the markdown editor that, instead of using the default or fallback value for empty languages, it was returning undefined. We've fixed this so that if a language doesn't have any markdown inputted, it will return the default/fallback value instead.

Bug fix: Highlight the required field is needed for markdown when content is removed

There was a bug when a user removed all content from the markdown editor, and it was a required field, it didn't show the warning to the user. We've fixed this.

14 July 2022

Bug fix: Preview URL has double slashes and breaks images

There was a bug where the preview URL for commercetools Frontend users had 2 slashes and broke images. We've fixed this.

Bug fix: Clearing filters returns an error, breaks the entire page on multiple attempts

There was a bug where clearing filters in data sources would break the data source filter editor. We've fixed this.

Bug fix: Studio proxy requests to API hub should always have a locale query param

There was a bug in new (commercetools Frontend) Studios where any API hub proxy request fails because it misses the locale query param. We've fixed this.

13 July 2022

Fix: Add cursor changes to all drag and drop interactions

When a user hovers on something that can be dragged and dropped somewhere, the cursor will now change into a different icon. This shows the user more clearly that it's a drag and drop item.

Fix: Highlight that the required field is needed for markdown

We've improved how a markdown field is highlighted if it's a required field in component settings.

Fix: Improve the warning for the image required field

We've updated the design of the image selector in component settings and how we highlight it when it's a required field with missing information.

Fix: Put hover info text on data source preview

When an incorrect data source was added to a dynamic page schema, a data source couldn't be added to the preview section, and we disabled the button. But, we didn't tell the user this. We've now added a hover info text to let them know what needs updating.

Bug fix: CI build log view has an empty accordion

There was a bug when a build failed, an empty accordion would show in the build log. We've removed this empty accordion.

5 July 2022

Bug fix: The layout element modal doesn't scroll

There was a bug when there were a lot of component groups in a project, a user couldn't scroll to the bottom of the list within the page builder. We've fixed this, so users can now find and select all available component groups.

1 July 2022

Fix: Improve the loading of the site builder in the frontend

After releasing backend fixes to improve the loading of the Studio for users with many page folders, we looked at what we could improve for loading in the frontend. This fix should make the site builder load more quickly for all users.

Bug fix: Type Error when creating a feature flag in the Studio

There was a bug where users would get an error when creating a feature flag. We've fixed this, and they can now create feature flags again.

Bug fix: Page folder version history date is sometimes formatted wrong

There was a bug where some version history dates would be in a different format to others. This is now fixed, and all version history dates should be consistent.

29 June 2022 (rolled-back, re-released 30 June)

Feature: New schema field type

Users can now create a schema with the field type of instant. This will be displayed in the Studio as a calendar and clock where a date and time can be selected.

For more information, see

Feature: Update multiple language layout in component settings

We’ve updated the UX for how users can manage languages in multi-language projects.

Feature: Consistent use of Enter key

Users can now press the Enter key (or Return key) to save any form like you can when you sign in.

Fix: Disable add button when sandboxes have reached their limit

Users could click the add button and create a new sandbox, which would then fail as the sandbox limit had been exceeded. We've disabled this button so they can't create a failing sandbox.

Fix: Remove dynamic pages schema area from development and staging

Users should only upload dynamic page schemas to the production environment. However, we had the area enabled in all environments. We’ve disabled this area from development and staging, so users can only access dynamic page schemas in the correct environment.

Fix: Disable environment selector on dynamic page schemas

Users should only upload dynamic page schemas to the production environment. However, we had the environment selector available so they could change this. We’ve disabled the environment selector so dynamic page schemas can only be in the correct environment.

Fix: Update tooltip text size to 14 px

The text used in the tooltip component had poor readability where there are several lines. We've increased the text size to improve this.

Fix: Update latest actions modal in sandboxes area

The latest actions modal in the sandbox area of the Studio was broken, and the information isn't readable. We've adapted the way the information is displayed, so it's readable.

Fix: Change times to 24-hour clock

When times are displayed, they add extra noise as we're showing AM and PM. It also took up space. Times are now displayed as a 24-hour clock. NOTE: This doesn't affect the time in the newly released date picker, as we'll be updating this design in the near future.

Fix: Change the way date and time are written together

When dates and times are displayed together, it wasn't easy to read. We've updated this, so they should be more readable.

Fix: Modify component schema deletion behavior

We've disabled the delete button for components if a component is in use in either the project selected or if it's shared in another project and it's being used.

Fix: Make the language selector sticky in the Markdown editor

We had already made the top navigation sticky in the Markdown editor, but a user still had to scroll up to change languages. We've now made this sticky, too, so a user can more easily switch between languages on long Markdown pages.

Fix: Update version history on page folder settings

When a user created a page folder for the first time, they saw the Version history section, which was empty. We've removed this section upon page folder creation, and it'll only show after a page folder has been saved.

Bug fix: Delete all dynamic page rules and matchers when a dynamic page schema is deleted

There was a bug when a user deleted a dynamic page schema, we didn't delete the dynamic page rules and page versions that belong to that schema. If a user re-uploaded a schema of the same dynamic page type, the old rules and page versions are associated with the new schema. We've fixed this so that if a schema is deleted, the older rules and pages won’t be associated with the new schema.

Bug fix: Group component names not displaying correctly for locales

There was a bug when a component with a type of group, and a user adds a new one and then edits the name for locales, there was an issue with the naming, and it didn't show the locales. We've fixed this so if a default language isn't inputted the first locale information is added.

Bug fix: Dynamic page rules modal changes size

There was a bug when changing from a single product to entity criterion in a dynamic page rule, the size of the modal changes. We've fixed this, and they're both the same size now.

Bug fix: Problem with left-hand navigation scroll in Media area

There was a bug in the Media area for commercetools Frontend projects, where the left-hand navigation didn't scroll with the cursor. We've fixed this.

Bug fix: When users click too quickly, they can access incorrect page versions

There was a bug where a user could access an incorrect page version without knowing if they clicked too quickly through dynamic page rules. We've added a loader, so it's clear that they have to wait before clicking.

Bug fix: Settings icon still visible after closing modal settings

There was a bug when a user would close the modal on page folder settings, and the settings icon would remain visible (usually it only displays on hover). We've fixed this, so it no longer shows when it shouldn't.

Bug fix: Site builder breaks when editing profile information

There was a bug when a user saved changes to their profile, that the site builder broke, and the user would have to refresh the page. We've fixed this.

Bug fix: Old trash can icon visible on some data source filters

There was a bug where users would select certain data source filters and see 2 trash can icons, 1 in the old design. We've removed the old 1, and they’ll only see 1 icon now, as that behavior makes more sense.

27 June 2022

Fix: Update React version

The version of React we used in the Studio was out-of-date and was blocking us. As part of reducing our technical debt, we updated to version 18.

22 June 2022

Bug fix: Re-uploading dynamic page schema with a different data source breaks the API hub

There was a bug where a user could re-upload a schema for an existing dynamic page but with an incorrect date source. This would cause a bad page configuration. This has been fixed, and the data source is checked upon re-upload of the schema.

17 June 2022

Bug fix: Page folder not saving as link in a component

There was a bug when a user added a page folder within the component settings, and they clicked save, that setting didn’t save when they re-opened the page builder. This has been fixed, and the setting now saves correctly.

16 June 2022

Feature: Duplicate dynamic page rules

We've added the ability to duplicate an existing dynamic page rule. All rule settings and page versions will be copied. Any page versions with a state of live or scheduled will be changed to draft.

Fix: Icon changed for latest action on sandboxes

The icon on Latest action within a sandbox was confusing and inconsistent with our icons (it was a plus symbol (+)). We've updated this to be more in line with other history icons.

Fix: Add commercetools logo to Next.js feature flag

Any commercetools Frontend projects will see a commercetools icon rather than the Frontastic icon in the top left. They'll also see the Frontastic a commercetools company logo on the login screen.

Fix: Remove build failed section from main log in build log

We've removed the Build failed section of a build log in the Continuous Integration section and put it in its own section. This is to help reduce confusion.

Bug fix: Only search Cloudinary public entities

There was a bug where if a user uploaded an image directly to their Cloudinary account and don't set it to public, a Frontastic logo would show in place of the image, but it’d still have the correct image name. If the user added this to their component, it wouldn't work. We've now made it that if they do this (upload to Cloudinary without a public flag), it won't show in the Studio.

Bug fix: Sandbox created without public DNS even when unticked

There was a bug where even when the public DNS box wasn't ticked, a sandbox was still created with a public DNS rather than a hosts file. This has been fixed. We've also made it clearer on commercetools Frontend projects that the public DNS box can't be unticked.

9 June 2022

Fix: Improve performance for users with a lot of page folders

Since there's no way to paginate the nodes (page folders) data (we need to fetch them all to build the node tree), we built a caching mechanism that will only cache the nodes tree and will refresh that cache if any of the nodes changes. Since the nodes change way more rarely than the page versions, it shouldn't affect user experience that much any time this cache has to get rebuilt.

2 June 2022 (rolled back, re-released 3 June 2022)

Fix: Update React drag-and-drop library

We were using an out-of-date drag and drop library, we updated the version we’re using.

Fix: Improve scroll to top functionality

With the updated drag-and-drop library, we could improve the way our users drag content from the bottom of a page to higher in the page.

Fix: Update table UI in facets area

The design of the table in the facets area didn’t match our design system and other areas of the Studio, so we updated this.

Fix: Update empty project settings design

The design of empty project settings didn’t match our design system and other areas of the Studio, so we updated this.

Bug fix: Prevent enum fields without values in schema

There was a bug where a user could upload a schema with an enum field type, but without providing a values key. We have prevented this behavior and an empty values key in enum fields will result in an error on upload.

Bug fix: Preview device is cut off at the bottom

There was a bug where the bottom of the preview device is cut off on the site builder, and you can't scroll down to see the bottom of the device. We've changed this, so the size of the preview device is in line with the starting screen resolution. If the screen size changes, the user must refresh to get the preview to the right resolution.

Bug fix: Stories overview component giving error on teaser elements

There was a bug when a teaser element was added, it would give an error even though all the required information was set. We've fixed this, so it only gives an error when the required information is missing.

Bug fix: Prevent delete shared components across projects

There was a bug where a user could delete a component that was in use in another project. We've changed this, so a user has an error and can't delete the component.

Version 2022.

  • feat(FP-1979): allow / as page folder path for individual locales

Version 2022.

  • feat(FP-2035): Use commercetools logo in salesdemoct Studio
  • feat: remove all trackers from Studio but FullStory

Version 2022.

  • feat: Allow to invite new Studio users from the managementconsole
  • feat: Open up user creation API to create invites next to registrered users

Version 2022.

  • feat: (FP-1928): Add hover text to environments when they can't be changed
  • feat(FP-1852): Update content selector copy
  • fix(FP-1680): Remove facet api call in Frontastic nextjs
  • feat(FP-1852): Adjust preview results found copy
  • feat(FP-1852): Fix overflow in dynamic page rule items and adjust search preview count copy
  • feat: don’t encode resource type in media ID
  • fix: uploading images without a tag
  • feat: allow uploading videos in media app
  • fix: correctly tag uploaded media elements
  • feat: (FP-1849): Update in app notification modal and remove the old ones
  • fix: small copy and UI changes
  • feat: (FP-1925): Add info text to component groups in the page builder
  • feat: (FP-1563): Add intro text to all areas of the Studio
  • feat: (FP-1563): Add intro text to all areas of the Studio
  • fix: Build log text overflow
  • feat(FP-1852): Update product and content search in data source filters
  • fix(FP-1888): Add back nested search to category selector

Version 2022.

  • feat: add mousflow tracking for Studio

Version 2022.

  • fix: increase the timeout when posting the preview to API hub
  • fix (FP-1979): Enabled locales translations when default path is “/”

Version 2022.

  • feat(FP-1954): Changing Frontastic icon for commercetools Studio

Version 2022.

  • fix(FP-1806): Fix wrong mapping of crop gravity options
  • feat(FP-1633): Improve the top bar of the Markdown editor
  • feat(FP-1814): Update avatar size in collaboration feature
  • feat(FP-1970): Update copy in Redirects area
  • feat(FP-1815): concat projectId to collaboration notifier page id
  • feat(FP-1736): Update table to new table component in custom app area
  • feat(FP-1761): Add destroy button for transient sandboxes
  • feat: Add notification to site builder when multiple people are editing the same page
  • Set one more flag to setEncodingOptions
  • fix: partial fix for new category page dynamic rule modal fails on flaconi
  • misc: Make rate limit more relaxed
  • fix: Add check to make sure filters are defined
  • feat: Close WebSocket notifier when leaving the editor
  • feat: Do not open WebSocket connection for kit pageEditor
  • feat: Initialize page notifier in page builder

Version 2022.

  • fix(FP-1835): Frontastic add filter name fallback
  • fix(FP-1931): fix data source product filter does not exist

Version 2022.

  • feat: add fullstory and hotjar tracking to Studio
  • fix: correctly import category
  • fix: (FP-1834): Remove compact accordion from the design system
  • Modify MasterPageSchemaController path inside routing.xml file
  • Change MasterPageSchemaController and SyncCustomMasterPagesCommand
  • Revert “Change the directory of MasterPageSchemaController”
  • Change the directory of MasterPageSchemaController

Version 2022.

  • fix(FP-1848): Show a preview for component groups and template pages in Frontastic

Version 2022.

  • fix: Render empty string in redirect table cell with no status code

Version 2022.

  • fix(FP-1835): Set default value when translation of facet label returns an empty string
  • feat(FP-1703): Add facets sync button and method
  • fix(FP-1773): Fix node selector options need path value as the id
  • feat(FP-1738): Update team table to new Frontastic design system component
  • feat(FP-1735): Update redirect table to new component
  • fix: Update cypress tests to run faster
  • fix(FP-1734): new sandbox region in dropdown
  • Resend invite emails via command line
  • feat(FP-1682): Update add buttons
  • fix (FP-1391): Removed name attribute from elements in preview
  • feat(FP-1442): Update CI table to new component and don't reload page when opening build modal
  • fix: (FP-1631): Some icons in the icon selector are missing
  • feat(FP-1683): Disable preview in dynamic page editor without previewStream
  • fix: Fixed create dynamic page rule environments issue
  • feat (FP-1520): Added preview data source on page matcher | Fixed issue with environments
  • feat(FP-1683): Remove dynamic page preview not implemented message
  • feat(FP-1523): Add dynamic data source preview for components
  • fix (FP-1493): Added facet caching/syncing in Studio
  • feat(FP-1445): Add table ui component

Version 2022.

  • fix(FP-1734): new sandbox region in dropdown
  • feat: allow field type dataSource
  • feat(FP-1252): allow field type dataSource in schemas
  • feat: adds the ability to change Cloudinary details on a project

Version 2022.

  • feat(FP-1430): Update the design of the product/content and category search in dynamic page rules
  • feat(FP-1508): Frontend * Add ability to duplicate component groups
  • feat(FP-1389): Backend * Add ability to duplicate component groups
  • feat(FP-1418): Add feedback to all actions
  • feat(FP-1621): Copy updates
  • feat(FP-1443): Update Continuous Integration area: Update icons and hover text
  • feat(FP-1444): Update Continuous Integration area: Update build log modal
  • feat(FP-1671): Empty state for page folder creation is missing
  • feat(FP-1645): Show which folder a subfolder is in during search in a dropdown
  • feat(FP-1620): More label not showing on hover of layout elements
  • feat(FP-1655): Create 2 different emails for invitations to the Studio
  • fix(FP-1668): Facets scroll fix
  • fix(FP-1528): Custom app add new item bug

Version 2022.

  • fix (FP-1388): Added if statement for dynamic pages

Version 2022.

  • feat(FP-1293): Frontend: Add ability to edit existing redirects
  • feat (FP-1447): Backend: Add ability to edit existing redirects
  • feat(FP-1594): Update cypress tests
  • feat (FP-1467): Old terminology in component usage
  • fix(FP-1388): Added if statement for Frontastic
  • fix(FP-1628): Undo button in the site builder does not work with some of the new components
  • fix(FP-1512): Invitations are expired screen after being just sent
  • fix: Experiment page layout
  • fix: EnvironmentSelector arrow function return warning
  • fix: Issue where PROJECT env param is always required on generate Studio user
  • style: Modal size added

Version 2022.

  • feat(FP-1567): Add warning modal when saving component groups on production
  • feat(FP-67): Add notification when saving a page version
  • feat(FP-1505): Update documentation for Frontastic
  • feat: update cypress tests
  • feat(FP-1527): Create one Dropdown component with type basic and search
  • feat: add compact accordion component
  • feat(FP-1519): Remove custom from custom data sources copy

Version 2022.

  • feat(FP-1452): Add re-send invite functionality in team settings
  • feat(FP-923): Add where component groups are used to settings
  • feat(FP-1292): Add image usage to an image in the media area
  • feat(FP-1381): Create search box inputs in the design system
  • feat(FP-1381): Implement new search input
  • feat(FP-1434): Improving ‘my sandboxes’ view
  • fix(FP-1452): Environment editing
  • fix(FP-1473): Environment editing 2
  • fix(FP-1425): Studio flag is present
  • fix(FP-1510): Component layout in the builder
  • fix(FP-1587): Issues with text inputs in page builder
  • fix: Show media tags
  • fix: layout issue in sandboxes and team settings

Version 2022.

  • fix(FP-1554): Markdown editor overrides settings
  • fix: Frontastic component detail button themes

Version 2022. :

  • fix(FP-1513): Markdown editor randomly deletes recently written words
  • fix(FP-1496): Frontastic nextJS data source filter save disabled bug
  • fix(FP-1461): When deleting a category page it deletes the wrong one
  • feat(FP-1487): Change trash can icon in media area to delete button
  • feat(FP-1429): Update copy in dynamic page rules so it’s clear a user needs to click the search icon
  • feat(FP-1158): Add filter by tag in Media area of Studio
  • feat: implementing Autocomplete component from material UI

Version 2022.

  • fix(FP-1485): Remove content-list and product-list empty list check
  • feat(FP-1448): Page builder expanded component accordion with erred fields
  • fix: Project settings layout

Version 2022.

  • Revert “feat (FP-1292): Added media usage in pages/component groups”
  • feat(FP-1348): Move Save button in Project settings and add warning if there are unsaved changes
  • feat(FP-1417): Dropzone overlay goes under items instead of on top
  • feat(FP-1423): Update button component
  • feat(FP-1413): Add message into dynamic pages for projects that the preview doesn’t work
  • feat(FP-1414): Add default icon for Frontastic dynamic pages
  • feat: Add disabled preview QR code
  • fix: Cursor on sandboxes

Version 2022.

  • Fix: added correct compare string in “-test” build versions
  • Fix: Remove only build versions that end up in “-test” from deployable versions list
  • fix: More vert icon
  • fix: Halt button icon

Version 2022.

  • style: Adding an inline notification for max number of sandboxes

  • feat(FP-1289): Implement My sandboxes view in Frontastic sandboxes

  • fix(FP-1283): Missing builds

  • feat(FP-1412): Data profiling, custom apps, and tasticFieldHandler are disabled for certain projects

  • feat(FP-203): Update more icons and change environment colors

  • feat(FP-1311): Update empty data source copy

  • feat(FP-135): Breakpoint problems in the page builder

  • feat(FP-1311): Update data source has change logic and update inline notifications styles

  • feat(FP-1280): Add info to some data source fields (edited)


  • fix(FP-1142): Product stream blocking Studio for PDP
  • feat(FP-1145): Create new development fixture for demo swiss
  • fix(FP-1393): Added default layout ID in page if null
  • fix: Minor syntax fix in PageService.php
  • fix: Fixed static analysis errors
  • style: Removing old in-app notifications

Version 2022.

  • feat(FP-1372): component stream selector error message
  • fix(FP-1326): update scheduleFrom sorting logic
  • feat(FP-1326): update schedule unique comparison
  • feat(FP-1326): Update duplicate scheduling copy
  • feat(FP-1326): Add warning when saving duplicate schedule
  • feat(FP-1326): Add sorting to active pages
  • feat(FP-1379): Set empty parent folder when it's deleted
  • feat(FP-1379): Add empty option to page folder create
  • fix(FP-1379): Set default parent folder when creating a new page folder
  • feat(FP-1326): Only have 1 live page version per criterion/experiment
  • Fix (FP-1234): Added case insensitive search on Cloudinary media search query

Version 2022. :

  • fix: page builder multiple instances of same component bug
  • feat: Update some icon labels
  • fix: Don't generate default dynamic page node every time the nodes list is loaded
  • fix: Add corrent __master stream type upon dynamic page default node creation

Version 2022. :

  • fix: if there's no filter chosen or media file deleted from component configuration — the error reappears
  • fix: show page templates when creating a new page
  • fix: enabling ‘enter key’ in the login
  • fix: removing itemId from page schema rule
  • fix: don't include FECL twice in dynamic page matcher types
  • fix: show subfolders in page folder search
  • fix: fix long rule name in dynamic pages
  • feat: add an edit button to group settings component
  • fix: change label on fab and other buttons
  • feat: Update tooltip + replace MUI tooltip components

Version 2022.

  • fix: latest action modal in sandboxes and updating Proptypes in Modals
  • style: replacing old ‘pencil-edit’ icon
  • feat: separating data sources filter for projects
  • feat: replacing inputs throughout the Studio
  • feat: Update basicDropdown component
  • feat: replacing frontasticInfoPopover component with new Flyout
  • feat: updating inline notifications throughout the Studio
  • feat: adjust help text line height
  • fix: error with event.currentTarget in machine.jsx

Version 2022. :

  • fix: not passing props name and id
  • fix: Added fix for correct scheduled pages order
  • fix: Update test @depends DocComment tags | Updated exception class when unconfirmed user
  • fix: Incorrect throwing exception
  • fix: Error on trying to select the wrong project
  • feat: Prevent unconfirmed user from resetting their password

Version 2021. :

  • feat: redirect to dashboard if a user is logged in and adding error case to set up a password
  • fix: Exporting a customDataSource doesn't escape slashes anymore
  • feat: formatting date of status in sandboxes
  • fix: redirect to dashboard if a user is logged in

Version 2021.

  • feat: Updated UI for reset password component
  • feat: StreamType check on the SchemaController update/add
  • feat: Create method for CustomDataSourceValidation in the CustomDataSourceService
  • feat: check for custom data source in tastic

Version 2021. :

  • feat: set up for user invitation expired and create password
  • style: updating UI on login screen

Version 2021.

  • fix: media tag disappear issue resolved

Version 2021.

  • fix: removed unnecessary loader in page templates
  • fix: rewritten category rule configurator (content -> category) and updated accordions UI
  • docs: adding a link to the docs
  • feat: setting up error state in facets

Version 2021. :

  • fix: Validate dynamic filter payload is an array.

Version 2021. :

  • feat: release of sandboxes warning if old
  • fix: masterPageType to be present on uploading a dynamic page

Version 2021.

  • fix: Dynamic filter endpoint property name.
  • fix: tree field with default null or empty defaults is a first option

Version 2021.

  • feat: React behavior for for dynamic pages and custom data source
  • fix: Catwalk proxy API determining base URL

Version 2021.

  • feat: rollback for sandbox warnings

Version 2021.

  • feat: sandboxes now have a warning state if they're older than 3 or 7 days

Version 2021.

  • fix: handle missing data in tree configuration
  • fix: More proper fix for dynamic page URLs

Version 2021.

  • fix: if page matcher is default environment selection is disabled
  • fix: fix the page matcher rules and their nodes to have all environments always
  • feat: match tags in Cloudinary term search as well

Version 2021.

  • fix FP-1009: Adapted to Kameleoon API changes
  • fix: layout bug on smaller screens on the button Add component
  • fix: fixed broken layout of data source filters in Studio
  • fix: copy changes

Version 2021.

  • fix: confirmation modal pops up when the page is live in the site builder
  • fix: removing ‘hello world’

Version 2021.

  • fix: public DNS for sandboxes

Version 2021.

  • fix: actually get all experiments using undocumented query parameter
  • fix: only use experiments available for currently selected site

Version 2021.

  • fix: main action button in deployment area is now Confirm instead of Delete

Version 2021.

  • fix: output error, when it happens for a customer, but continue with the others
  • feat: updating UI for locale flags
  • fix: bug on locale flags
  • fix: bug filter in data source
  • fix: make sure we don't accidentally remove attributes in error cases
  • fix: don't go into error state when attributes can't be fetched

Version 2021.

  • fix: properly auto-reload sandboxes in the background
  • fix: prevent sandboxes with the same label
  • feat: added only admin can remove users
  • feat: notification modal for EAR
  • feat: setting up api for remove user

Version 2021.

  • feat: removing feature flag in sandboxes and their DNS public feature
  • feat: added Ganesha based circuit breaker for our HTTP client stack

Version 2021.

  • feat(backstage): component groups remove unnecessary slider
  • feat(backstage): don't show component groups group in the component group editor
  • Revert "feat: removing component group in layout"

Version 2021.

  • fix: error in Z index when opening facets
  • fix(backstage): disable main button if label is empty
  • feat: removing component group in layout
  • chore: removed unwanted formatting changes
  • chore: added prop to disable create sandbox button with label error
  • style: updating sandboxes UI
  • feat: implement command to clean up fixtures

Version 2021.

  • feat: enabling roles and permissions for DeinDesign
  • fix FP-317: Stop replications again
  • feat: adds script for prefixing redirect targets with /
  • style: addding width
  • fix(backstage): used AccordionDataWrapper instead of AccordionInputWrapper for translatable field + brush ups
  • feat: replacing old error flyout
  • feat: creating a new error flyout for Frontastic components
  • style: Errors icons updated

Version 2021.

  • style: updating icons
  • fix: dynamic pages each rule wrapped in ErrorBoundary
  • fix: dynamic pages rules wrapped in ErrorBoundry

Version 2021.

  • feat: add command to ensure redirect sources start with slash
  • feat: abort when importing redirects without leading slash
  • style: error icons for components
  • style: updating search icons

Version 2021.

  • feat: sandboxes ui brush up

Version 2021.

  • fix: Fix the CertificateController kernel dir string from env
  • fix: Make sure databases are setup before running other setup handlers
  • fix: Make sure groups are always set up.
  • misc: Very basic logging added.

Version 2021.

  • feat: new terminology

Version 2021.

  • feat(machine-errors): new sandbox state "debuggable" (feature flag)
  • feat(machine-errors): updating read-only sandbox to have no action
  • feat(machine-errors): sanitize legacy errors
  • feat(machine-errors): updating notifications on sandboxes
  • feat(machine-errors): extracted displaying of build log into component
  • feat(machine-errors): allow to set IP/hostname from fixture command
  • feat(machine-errors): feature flag for public-DNS setting
  • style: brushing up the sandbox error state, adding flexed layout, and UI brush-ups
  • fix: yarn fix
  • fix: typehint
  • feat: always assign all goals to Kameleoon experiments

Version 2021.

  • fix: list scheduled page in the active accordion
  • fix: remote route-pattern dependency from Studio

Version 2021.

  • feat: Studio page saving flow reworked

Version 2021.

  • fix(backstage): temporary bubble — cookie fix
  • misc: data dependency graph for Frontastic studio
  • feat: added status code table cell to redirects

Version 2021.

  • fix: teamSettings loader — fixed error handling
  • feat: Display usage of roles and permissions feature
  • feat: notify user
  • feat: schemas errors notification

Version 2021.

  • feat: page don’t close page builder on save
  • refactor: removing state from page dialog
  • feat: added different modals to delete page versions

Version 2021.

  • fix: disable data source deletion if used

Version 2021.

  • refactor: replacing paragraphs
  • fix: deleting component group bug
  • fix: skip unreadable directories
  • fix: utilising roleIndex param
  • feat: verifying roleIndex
  • fix: remove phpcpd from all projects
  • style: updating base modals

Version 2021.

  • fix: not all areas are shown on the dashboard in the Studio

Version 2021.

  • fix: don’t fetch products with empty IDs

Version 2021.

  • update: Frontastic components moved to dashboard
  • feat: added scrolling feature to side nav
  • fix: custom app panel clean up
  • feat: replacing selectors throughout the Studio

Version 2021.

  • fix: layout bug on sandboxes

Version 2021.

  • feat: show ID and IP of machines for Frontastic users
  • feat: updating visual tests
  • feat: updating icons
  • style: styling of component boxes
  • fix: fixed test component schema bug