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Introduced page version drop-down in the page builder

14 December 2022
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In the page builder, you can now move between page versions using the page versions drop-down.

Apart from the above feature, here are other two enhancements coming with this release:

  • The sandbox debugging modal is now consistent with the Studio design system. The transient sandboxes will appear grayed out while they're unusable.
  • You'll now see the information about each role in the invitation drop-down when inviting a user to the Studio. This will help you decide which role to assign to your new user.

With the page versions drop-down you can:

  • Switch between page versions in the same page folder.
  • Move to another page folder and select a page version.
  • Search for page folders and select a page version.
  • See the status of page versions that appear among the search results.

This feature improves the use of page versioning. Previously, if you selected the wrong page version, you had to go back to the site builder and then select the correct page version, and this was time-consuming. Furthermore, it was not possible to see the status of page versions at the same time.

For further information, see Using the page builder.

Page version drop-down selector