Import and export

Are you looking for ways to bulk import data into your Project? Or do you want to download a dump of your data stored in your Project? Or do you want to keep data between Projects in sync?

  • Import API

    The API performs asynchronous data import and automatically handles dependencies. Our (Java, PHP, and TypeScript) SDKs provide full support of the API features.

  • CLI tools

    Exchange data stored in files via command-line tools. All CLI tools are supported by the ImpEx UI. Release notes for individual commands can be found here.

  • Project Sync

    For data import from arbitrary sources into commercetools Composable Commerce, Java Sync library and JavaScript SDK's Sync Action Builders are available. For data synchronization between Projects, ready-to-run commercetools-project-sync is available.

  • Learn

    Learn how to use the Import API using the Java or TypeScript SDKs in our self-paced Import API module.