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Unresolved references can now be discovered with debug mode

23 July 2021
Composable Commerce
Import API

We have introduced a debug mode for the Query Import Operation endpoints for all resource types. This mode makes it easier for you to find out what the reason is for the Import Operation being in the Unresolved Processing State by listing which references exactly could not be resolved.

When setting the debug query parameter to true you will find the list of unresolved references in the respective additional field in the query response as shown in the following example.

"limit": 20,
"offset": 0,
"count": 1,
"total": 1,
"results": [
"version": 0,
"importSinkKey": "product-import-sink-sample",
"resourceKey": "sampleResource",
"id": "sampleid",
"state": "Unresolved",
"errors": [],
"createdAt": "2021-07-20T11:52:25.881Z",
"lastModifiedAt": "2021-07-20T11:52:25.881Z",
"expiresAt": "2021-07-22T11:52:25.881Z",
"unresolvedReferences": [
"typeId": "type",
"key": "custom-type"
"typeId": "category",
"key": "category-key"