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Renaming Import Sink to Import Container and restructuring URLs.

30 August 2021
DeprecationImport ContainersProduct Catalog

The Import Sink is deprecated and replaced with the Import Container. This deprecation is for the name change purpose, and all functionalities and behaviors of the Import Sink are succeeded by the Import Container without change. The name change, however, is accompanied by the restructuring of the URL patterns toward the REST standard. The changed URLs are listed below. The old deprecated URLs and the Import Sink endpoint stay available until 30 November 2021. They will be removed thereafter. We encourage the switch to the Import Container and the new URLs.

The following changes were made:

  • Import Sink is deprecated and Import Container was introduced. This is a name change. All functionalities and behaviors of the Import Sink is succeeded by the Import Container.
  • key is now mandatory in ProductVariantDraftImport.
  • Resource import POST request (for example, Import Categories and Import ProductTypes)
    • previous: /{projectKey}/{resourceType}/importSinkKey={importSinkKey}
    • current: /{projectKey}/{resourceType}/importContainerKey/{importContainerKey}
  • Monitoring endpoints
    • Get ImportSummary
      • previous: /{projectKey}/import-summaries/importSinkKey={importSinkKey}
      • current: /{projectKey}/import-containers/{importContainerKey}/import-summaries
    • Get ImportOperation by ID
      • previous: /{projectKey}/{resourceType}/importSinkKey={importSinkKey}/import-operations/{id}
      • current: /{projectKey}/import-operations/{id}
    • Query ImportOperations by Import Container ID
      • previous: /{projectKey}/{resourceType}/importSinkKey={importSinkKey}/import-operations
      • current: /{projectKey}/import-containers/{importContainerKey}/import-operations