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Custom Applications v21.3

1 April 2022
Composable Commerce
Merchant Center Customizations
New feature

The Application Kit packages have been released with a minor version v21.3.

This release includes several new features that we would like to present:

  • New CLI commands login and config:sync to help maintaining Custom Applications.
  • New layout UI components <TabularMainPage> and <TabularDetailPage>. In addition to that, a new <TabHeader> component is exported from the @commercetools-frontend/application-components package to be used in the tabular UI components <TabularModalPage>, <TabularMainPage> and <TabularDetailPage>.
  • New ESLint config @commercetools-backend/eslint-config-node for Node.js projects with built-in TypeScript support.
  • The notification components now support the aria role alertdialog and the aria-describedby attributes. This helps in particular to write more specific and relevant selector in tests.

As always, if you have questions or feedback you can open a GitHub Discussion or a GitHub Issue.