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Custom Applications v21.8

1 July 2022
Composable Commerce
Merchant Center Customizations
New feature

The Application Kit packages have been released with a minor version v21.8.

This release includes several new features that we would like to present:

  • Official support for developing Custom Applications in TypeScript, including a new starter template. Read more about TypeScript in the Adding TypeScript page.
  • New policy option for configuring the audience field when integrating your Custom Application with an external API.
  • Improved accessibility of different elements using ARIA attributes.
  • Simpler and more readable list of time zone data, available from the @commercetools-frontend/l10n package.
  • New React hook useProjectExtensionImageRegex for accessing the project images configuration, available from the @commercetools-frontend/application-shell-connectors package.

As always, if you have questions or feedback you can open a GitHub Discussion or a GitHub Issue.


The mc-scripts CLI has deprecated some entry points.

Importing the function createPostcssConfig from the main entry point @commercetools-frontend/mc-scripts is now deprecated. Use the entry point @commercetools-frontend/mc-scripts/postcss instead.

const {
-} = require('@commercetools-frontend/mc-scripts');
+} = require('@commercetools-frontend/mc-scripts/postcss');

Importing the functions createWebpackConfigForDevelopment and createWebpackConfigForProduction from the main entry point @commercetools-frontend/mc-scripts is now deprecated. Use the entry point @commercetools-frontend/mc-scripts/webpack instead.

const {
-} = require('@commercetools-frontend/mc-scripts');
+} = require('@commercetools-frontend/mc-scripts/webpack');