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Custom Applications v22 and UI Kit v16

21 April 2023
Composable Commerce
Merchant Center Customizations

The Application Kit packages have been released with a new major version v22, as well as the UI Kit packages with a major version v16.

This release contains breaking changes.

This release contains some major dependency version updates. We don't expect any migration steps necessary aside some minor test adjustments (see migration steps below).

The following libraries have been updated to new major versions:

  • @commercetools-frontend/ui-kit and all @commercetools-uikit/* packages have been updated to v16.
  • react-intl and @formatjs/cli have been updated to v6.
  • jest and @types/jest have been updated to v29.
  • jsdom has been updated to v21.
  • eslint-plugin-jest has been updated to v27.

Furthermore, we dropped support for Node.js v14. Make sure you are using v16 or v18 at least.

Finally, we removed support for Google Analytics tracking. If you were using it via the trackingGtm value, you would need to implement the setup on your own.

As always, if you have questions or feedback you can open a GitHub Discussion or a GitHub Issue.

Upgrading peer dependencies

Make sure to upgrade the following dependencies:

  • react-intl and @formatjs/cli to v6
  • jest and @types/jest to v29
  • jest-runner-eslint to v2
  • jest-watch-typeahead to v2

Migrating Jest

The package @commercetools-frontend/jest-preset-mc-app contains most of the updates and migration changes.

We don't expect any specific migration effort besides updating all Jest dependencies to their latest version (including possible Jest plugins being used).

However, there are a couple of possible necessary updates to consider:

  • Jest snapshots format changed a bit. You might need to update your snapshots by passing the option -u to the Jest command.
  • The ESLint plugin for Jest might yield some new errors due to its breaking changes. See changelog.

For more detailed information about upgrading Jest, please refer to the official guides: