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Introduced Custom Views

27 March 2024
Composable Commerce
Merchant Center Customizations
New feature

You can now extend the functionality of the Merchant Center's built-in applications using Custom Views. With this addition, you now have two methods to add custom functionality to the Merchant Center: Custom Views and Custom Applications. Collectively, these features are known as Merchant Center Customizations.

Each customization type provides unique possibilities for adding custom functionality, as well as offering different user experiences within the Merchant Center.

  • With Custom Views, you can add custom functionality in the context of a specific page within a built-in Merchant Center application.

  • With Custom Applications, you can add new applications with custom functionality to the Merchant Center main menu.

Developing Custom Views is similar to developing Custom Applications because they share many of the same concepts and resources. If you have experience developing Custom Applications, you can use this knowledge to build Custom Views.

To learn more, visit the Merchant Center Customizations documentation.