29 September 2017

To create a more seamless experience between our Merchant Center and our ImpEx tool, we have added a new Export feature to our Products list in the Merchant Center. This Export feature allows you to easily export all your products, filtered products or only selected products from the Merchant Center Products list. By selecting the “Export all’ or “Export selected’ actions, we will redirect you to a pre-filled export form in our ImpEx tooling. From there, all you will need to do is select the “Run command” and we will process your request and have your files ready for download.

More information about the Product export can be found by selecting the Information icon next to the Export action.

Export all

“Export all” allows you to export all products in the Products list, whether it’s all Products in your Project or a filtered list of products. Screen Export all Screen Export filtered

Export selected

To export only a few selected products from the Products list, you can easily select the relevant products needed and use the dropdown action button next to our “Export all” action. By choosing “Export selected” you can export your selected products from our ImpEx tooling. Screen Export selected

Exporting Search results

Currently, we are unable to Export a Products list with a Search term applied. In this case, we recommend selecting the Products to export all selected Products. Screen Export with search Screen Export with search selected