19 June 2018

Under Developer Settings, it is now possible to view existing API Clients for a project and to create new API Clients.

In the API Client List you can see:

  • name of the API Client
  • date it was last used
  • date it was created

When going to the details of a listed API Client, you can see the permissions scopes that it is configured with.

Should you wish to use an existing API Client as a blueprint for a new API Client creation, it is possible to copy an API Client.

When creating a new API Client, you can select the needed permission scopes individually, or you can select a client template which will automatically select the needed scopes for that type of client. Currently, the following client templates are supported:

  • Admin client
  • Mobile client
  • Read only client
  • Payment adapter client

When an API Client has been created, you will be given the credentials of the client. To assist you in using the credentials in various environments, you can download the credentials in these formats:

  • cURL
  • Sunrise
  • Java properties
  • Environment variables
  • Postman
  • Node.js
  • iOS

Please be aware that to ensure the security of your project, the credentials are accessible only at the time you create it. They cannot be viewed later under API Client details. Please make sure to save the credentials in a secure location.