8 August 2018

With this release, it is possible to prefill the Add Order flow with the content of an existing order. You do so by copying the existing order. You can find the copy button in the Order List as well as when viewing a specific order.

When an order is copied, the following properties of the order are pulled and written into the new order creation:

  • Customer
  • (Custom) Line Items
  • Shipping Info

Please note that properties such as Payment references, Deliveries, or Returns are not copied over into the new order creation. Furthermore, when an order is copied, the product data of the copied-over line items will be pulled again and should, for example, a new price exist or a tax category have changed, then the new order will be calculated with these new values.

The ability to copy an order can be a nice shortcut when a merchant per business protocol does not operate with partial sale cancellations. In such cases, the original order is cancelled in its entirety and a new order has to capture, for example, the removal of line items. Instead of creating the new order from scratch, the ability to copy the original order into the Add Order flow eases the process. The Add Order flow will be pre-filled with the data of the original order and can be adapted to reflect the wanted changes.