20 September 2018

Under Project Settings, you can now manage the Channels for your project.

In the Channel List, you can view and filter/search by:

  • Channel key
  • Channel name
  • Channel roles
  • Date created
  • Date modified

A role captures the purpose and control of a channel. If, for example, you aim to track inventory by Channel, you will need to create a Channel with the role of Inventory Supply. If the purpose is to configure prices scoped by Channel, you will need to set the role of Product Distribution. Please notice that a channel can have multiple roles. If, for example, a Channel has specific pricing as well as inventory to track, you will set both Inventory Supply and Product Distribution as roles for that one Channel. For a list of all possible roles, see Channels API documentation.

When creating a Channel, you can in addition to the general information (key, name, roles, description) optionally set an address for the channel. It is also possible to set a custom type. Setting a custom type will enable a set of input fields that have been defined as your business-specific Channel data points.

Once a Channel has been created, you can view the configuration by going to the details of a listed Channel. From the Channel details page, it is furthermore possible to delete a Channel.