27 September 2018

With this release, a new feature called My Views is available for the Order List. A View is a customization of the Order List capturing:

  • Search queries and applied filters
  • Visible vs. hidden columns
  • Sort order of the results

A View is helpful when you have tasks that require different perspectives on orders and their various properties. If for example a task requires you to identify and work through all orders older than a certain date and that have pending payments, this criteria can be set as a filter on the Order List and then saved as a View named Outstanding Payments. For a different task that aims at identifying all Orders with a certain Shipment Status, this is again set as a filter and saved under a new View named Shipment Status Back-ordered. Once a View is created, you can easily switch back and forth between any saved Views and the Order List will adapt accordingly.

For created Views, it is possible to rename them, delete them, and to make changes that you either update the View with, or that you save as an entirely new View. For any unsaved changes made to a View, you can always revert to the saved version of the View.