3 February 2020

The Merchant Center can now be extended with Custom Applications to cater to specific business needs that are not supported out of the box.

A Custom Application is a web application that is developed and self-hosted by the customer but made accessible to users in the Merchant Center like commercetools’ standard applications. Custom Applications can use the commercetools Composable Commerce APIs as well as integrate with external systems via APIs exposed by these.

Custom Applications - Activated

The Custom Applications documentation describes everything you need to get started developing and deploying Custom Applications for the Merchant Center. In addition, we provide a starter application to get up and running in a few minutes. Custom Applications - Starter App

We are offering one-day trainings in building Custom Applications, targeted to developers with experience developing in React. For more information, see our training offerings.

If you plan to use Custom Applications, please make sure to also read the Support Policy.