21 February 2019
LimitsProduct Catalog

Introduced new limits for new projects on commercetools Composable Commerce for products and categories.

The new limits and their defaults are:

  • Product variants per product: 100
  • Categories per project: 10000

The following existing limits have been lowered:

  • Query maximum offset: lowered from 100000 to 10000
  • Search maximum offset: lowered from 100000 to 10000
  • Prices per product variant: lowered from 700 to 100

Projects created before 2019-02-21 are not subject to the new limits listed above.

For newer projects, all of the limits listed above can be increased if needed after we have reviewed the performance impact on your project. To request a limit increase, contact us via the Support Portal, specifying your project region, project key and your use case.