Access Worldpay payment connector

Learn how to add an Access Worldpay payment connector to your Project.

Add an Access Worldpay payment connector

Before you add an Access Worldpay payment connector, do the following:

  • Contact Worldpay and request:

    • Your Checkout ID, Worldpay merchant entity, HMAC key, username, and password
    • The activation of the credit card payment method
  • Create a Composable Commerce API Client with the Orders, Payments, and Types scopes selected.
    These permissions are required to establish a communication between Composable Commerce and commercetools Checkout.

To add an Access Worldpay payment connector, you must:

  1. Configure an Access Worldpay payment connector.
  2. Set up a webhook in your Worldpay Merchant Admin Interface.

Configure an Access Worldpay payment connector

  1. In the Merchant Center navigation menu, select commercetools Checkout > Add payment connector.

    Add payment connector in the Merchant Center navigation menu and the Configure payment connector page.

  2. On the Configure payment connector page, do the following:

    1. From Select payment provider, select Access Worldpay.

    2. In the General information section, for Payment connector name, enter a plain-text name for the payment connector.

    3. In the Configuration section, do the following:

      1. For CheckoutID, enter your checkout ID provided by Worldpay.

      2. For Environment, select the environment where you will use the payment connector.

      3. For Worldpay merchant entity, enter your merchant entity provided by Worldpay.

      4. For Worldpay merchant narrative, enter a text that will appear on your customer's account statement. This text can be a maximum of 24 characters long and it can only contain letters, numbers, hyphens, full stops, commas, and spaces.

    4. In the Payment method section, keep the Credit card toggle in the activated position.

    5. In the Connector secrets section, follow next steps:

      1. For Client ID, enter the client ID you generated while creating the Composable Commerce API Client.
      2. For Client secret, enter the client secret you generated while creating the Composable Commerce API Client.
    6. In the PSP specific connector secrets section, do the following:

      1. For Username, enter your username provided by Worldpay.
      2. For Password, enter your password provided by Worldpay.
      3. For HMAC key, enter your HMAC key provided by Worldpay.
  3. Click Save. On saving, a payment connector ID is generated and it will be available in the General Information section.

Set up a Worldpay webhook

Worldpay uses a webhook to call back the commercetools Checkout application and provide notifications about the status of the payment process. To set up a webhook, follow these steps:

  1. In your Worldpay Merchant Admin Interface, select Integration > Merchant Channel.
  2. Set the following configuration values:
    • Protocol: HTTP
    • Active: Yes
    • Content: XML
    • Address: https://awp.checkout.{region}{PaymentConnectorID}/notifications. Replace {region} with the Region where your commercetools Checkout project is deployed (for example, europe-west1.gcp) and {PaymentConnectorID} with the payment connector ID you generated earlier.
    • Method: POST
    • Client Certificate: No
    • Send Idempotency Key: No
  3. From the Merchant Channel Events list, select the following events to listen to:
    • ERROR

After adding the Access Worldpay payment connector, add the activated payment method for this payment connector to your application.