In this tutorial, you'll set up your Adyen test account to use it with commercetools Frontend. While this tutorial uses the test account, you also can follow the same steps on a live account.

Create API credentials

  1. Log in to your Adyen test dashboard.
  2. Go to Developer > API credentials.
  3. Click Create new credential. The Create API credential window opens. Select Web service user as the Credential type and click Create credential.

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  1. In the Server settings section, click Generate API key. Copy and save the API key for later use.

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  1. In the Client settings section, click Generate client key. Copy and save the client key for later use.

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  1. Add the site URLs using these credentials to the list of allowed origins.

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  1. Click Save changes.
  2. Copy merchantAccount from the Settings > Merchant accounts.

Set up a webhook

You must register your payment notifications action handler as a webhook in the Adyen dashboard to receive payment status updates.

  1. Go to Developers > Webhooks.
  2. Click the Add Webhook button in the top right. In the Create new webhook window, add a Standard notification webhook.

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  1. Under the General section, edit the server configuration to add the webhook URL. You must register the URL https://<your-site>/frontastic/action/payment/notifications (where <your-site> is your production/staging/sandbox URL) with the JSON method. Click Apply.

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  1. Under the Security section, generate and copy an HMAC Key.

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Update the project configuration

The baseUrl used below is for test accounts only. You must replace this baseUrl with the live endpoint before releasing the application, as described in Adyen documentation.

Update project.yml with the Adyen configuration, as shown below.

## project settings
apiKey: <replace-with-adyen-api-key>
merchantAccount: <replace-with-adyen-mechant-account-name>
clientKey: <replace-with-adyen-client-key>
hmacKey: <replace-with-adyen-webhook-hmac>
## other configurations