Filesync troubleshooting

When using filesync with the CLI and a sandbox, you can run into a few issues.

Our CLI will let you know of any filesync issues on your dashboard after running frontastic run. For example: CLI dashboard new.png

Once you've opened the filesync issue list in the CLI (press f) you'll see a list of the files that are encountering issues trying to sync. Use the arrow keys to select a file to find out more information about an issue at the bottom of your screen, for example: filesync issue log new.png

The 3 main issues you're likely to encounter are explained below.

Unknown content encountered on disk

If you see this issue, you should delete the folder in the location mentioned, and this should resolve the filesync issues.


If you see this issue, it could be a conflict in the yarn.lock, package.json, composer.json, or composer.lock file. To resolve this issue in any of these cases, you'll need to delete the version of the file that you don't want to have (so either the local version or the remote server version).

client/daemon version mismatch

After upgrading to a recent CLI version, you might get the below filesync error:

Err! could not connect to daemon: client/daemon version mismatch (daemon restart recommended)

To resolve this issue, delete the whole .frontastic folder and run frontastic init.

Refresh CLI

If you delete a file that's causing your filesync issue, but the issue is still being shown in the CLI filesync issue log, press r to force a refresh of the synchronization state.

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