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Documentation migration announcement

11 November 2022
Frontend Development

As you already know, commercetools acquired Frontastic in November 2021. As a step towards the post merger integration, we've rebranded the Frontastic Next.js offering as commercetools Frontend.

While we've applied the rebranding throughout the documentation, you might come across some occurrences of the word Frontastic, such as FrontasticContext or the frontastic-cli in old release notes and code examples. These terms exist in the documentation as they're part of the codebase and are required for the code examples to work as expected.

The rebranding doesn't affect any code examples or implementation, and everything will continue to work as expected.

The new documentation website offers a consistent experience to commercetools customers and makes for a great learning experience. We've grouped related topics to make discovering and learning concepts simpler. The top navigation offers easy access to all topics: Getting started, Studio, Development, and HTTP API. While reading an article, on the left navigation, you'll see similar concepts grouped in chapters and a table of contents on the right side.

If you've any questions regarding the rebranding, contact the Frontend support team.