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Use your understanding of Cart Discounts in Composable Commerce to help set up a common promotion strategy.

  • After completing this page, you should be able to:

    • Use Cart Discounts and Predicates correctly in a common commerce scenario.
  • Tread Trends is approaching their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and has given you, their merchandising manager, the task to set up their promotions in Composable Commerce with the following requirements:

    • Multiple promotions over a five-day window (starting the Thursday before Black Friday and finishing on Cyber Monday).
    • The latest versions of AirWave shoes, AirWave 7 s, are to launch on the Thursday before Black Friday with a 10% discount.
    • A pair of sunglasses are to be gifted to each Cart that purchases at least one pair of shoes during the weekend.
    • Encourage buying multiple pairs of shoes, with 25% off the second pair and 35% off the third pair of any shoe.
    • Reward their loyalty customers with 10% off their gift cards.

    Review the questions below and make the relevant decisions necessary to be able to set up this promotion.


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