4 November 2019

We have added conditional permissions on orders. When setting up team permissions you can now bind view or view and edit rights on orders to one or more specific stores.


This allows you to set up separated customer service teams for different stores with each team only having access to the orders of their respective stores.

For example, in a setup with two stores - "Europe" and "US" - a team with permissions on orders limited to store "Europe" will not see any orders of store "US" nor any orders that are not bound to any store at all. This restriction is affecting both, the order list and order detail views.

For a detailed description of how to set up conditional permissions, please check out the User Permissions documentation.

Note: Currently only stores can be selected as condition value. We plan to extend this feature to other value types and Merchant Center sections in the future. Also, the Add order flow does not yet support stores (will be added soon).