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Introduced Limits on Zones, Tax Categories, Shipping Methods, Customer Groups, Customers, Shopping Lists and Order Edits

8 July 2020

Introduced new limits for new projects on the commercetools platform.

The new limits and their defaults are:

  • Zones per project: 100
  • Tax Categories per project: 100
  • Shipping Methods per project: 100
  • Customer Groups per project: 1000
  • Customers per project: 1000000
  • Shopping Lists per project: 10000000
  • Carts per project: 10000000
  • Order Edits per project: 100000

Projects created before 08 July 2020 are not subject to the new limits listed above.

For newer projects, all of the limits listed above can be increased if needed after we have reviewed the performance impact on your project. To request a limit increase, contact us via the Support Portal, specifying your project region, project key and your use case.

  • [API] If your project contains more than the maximum allowed amount of Carts or Shopping Lists, the commercetools platform will automatically delete the resources that have been least recently modified.
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