28 December 2021

With the new Order Search, merchants are able to perform faster search for their orders with enhanced performance, increased query capabilities, and in a scalable way as it supports Projects with a large number of Orders. The feature needs to be activated for the Project before it can be used.

The Order Search API is utilized by our Merchant Center, but you are also welcome to build your own applications with this API. This feature is meant to support back office use cases. It is not intended for searching through the customer's order history in a storefront application.


  • [API] Introduced Order Search API in public beta.
  • [API] Added orders field to Search Indexing Configuration on Projects.
  • [API] Added Change Order Search Status update action on Projects.

The following change was introduced in terms of GraphQL SDL:

extend type SearchIndexingConfiguration {
orders: OrderSearchConfiguration
type OrderSearchConfiguration {
status: OrderSearchStatus!
lastModifiedAt: DateTime!
lastModifiedBy: Initiator
enum OrderSearchStatus {
extend input ProjectSettingsUpdateAction {
changeOrderSearchStatus: ChangeProjectSettingsOrderSearchStatus