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Improved Media area and bug fix

5 January 2024

The Media area now provides an improved user experience to search and manage the media items of your website more easily.
Additionally, a new error message warns you about mismatches on frontend and backend deployments.

In the Media area, you can now:

  • Search a media item by name, alt title, or description.
  • Filter media items by those uploaded by you.
  • Select all media items at a time for bulk deletion.
  • Sort media items by size or upload date.
  • See more media items than before on the page.
    This was obtained by no longer displaying checkboxes next to the media items, but displaying them on the item when holding your pointer over it.

Furthermore, in the pane with a media item's data, you can now:

  • Enter the description and alt title of the item in the related editable fields.
  • See the last edit date, the original filename, and who uploaded the media item.
  • See more data fields without scrolling thanks to a smaller item preview in the Media field. As before, you can click the preview to see the media item in full-size.

Along with these changes, after collecting feedback from our customers, we decided to remove the More information section from the media item's data pane.

Additionally a bug in the Deployment area is now resolved.
Previously, when the frontend and backend deployment versions did not match, the Version fields were empty. Now, a warning message with instructions appears when the deployment versions do not match.