Customer repository structure

Learn about the structure of your GitHub customer repository.

Structure of the GitHub customer repository

A commercetools Frontend's GitHub customer repository has the following structure.

Structure of the GitHub customer repositorytxt
└── packages
├── backend
├── frontend
└── types

packages folder

The packages folder contains the folders of all your commercetools Frontend projects. Each project folder has the following structure.

Structure of a project foldertxt
├── backend
│   └── Contains the extensions.
├── frontend
│   └── Contains the Frontend components.
└── types
└── Contains the type definitions.

The backend folder contains the examples from documentation and the following.

File / FolderContent
index.tsCode for data sources, actions, and the dynamic page handler
commercetools/Code for the Composable Commerce extension
webpack/Webpack configuration for all environments
schemas/Data source and dynamic page schemas

The frontend folder contains the following.

File / FolderContent
components/commercetools-ui library
frontastic/tastics/, lib/, and provider/ folders
frontastic/tastics/Frontend components used in the Studio
frontastic/lib/Helper functions
frontastic/provider/React Context provider
helpers/Helper functions and React hooks for Frontend components
pages/Next.js pages folder
styles/Custom stylesheets
public/Public assets like icons and images

The types folder contains the TypeScript type definitions used in the project.