Studio guide

In this guide, you'll learn about accessing the studio and using it to build your eCommerce websites.

What's the studio?

The studio is an interface for managing all aspects of your eCommerce websites.

Here's a list of some important use-cases for the studio:

  • As a business user

    • Create, edit, and schedule pages
    • Update search engine optimization settings
    • Invite other team members
  • As a developer

    • Upload schema for data sources, components, and dynamic pages
    • Create a sandbox for development
    • Check deployment logs
    • Deploy a new version or perform a rollback

Get access to the studio

When your project is set up, we'll create 1 user for your project that will have the Admin role. They'll receive an email from, which includes a link to register with us (this link is only valid for 48 hours). They'll need to click the link and complete the registration.

They can then access the studio at https://<customer-id>, for example,, and sign in.

Invite team members to the studio

Once the Admin logs into the studio, they can invite other team members and provide them with specific permissions by assigning a role.

You can learn more about inviting your colleagues by following this guide.

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