Managing your team

You can use Team to manage your project's team members.

Click Team on the dashboard to open the team area.

8987f11 Click team on the dashboard

Once open, you'll see a screen similar to the one below. The screen lists all the current users of your project and their roles, and any users you've invited to join your project.

3b3f320 Team settings


You can assign one of these three roles to the members of your project: Admin, Lead Editor, and Editor. The table below shows which parts of the studio each role can access and some restricted actions.

AdminLead EditorEditor
Environment accessDevelopment, Staging, ProductionProductionProduction
Area accessAll areas in your projectSite builder, Dynamic pages, Templates, Media, Components, Redirects, Project, TeamSite builder, Media, Redirects, Team
Manage environment settingsPromotion and demotionNoNo
Manage page foldersCreate, edit, reorder, and deleteCreate, edit, reorder, and deleteCreate, edit, and reorder
Manage usersInvite new users, change role of existing usersView onlyView only
Example dashboard 55c78ed 8799ba3 Frontastic studio dashboard new 4e1839d 50e1ed5 Admin and lead editor page folder editing 1 ecafd1b a392893 Frontastic studio dashboard new editor
Example page folder options 25283a5 50e1ed5 Admin and lead editor page folder editing a2b22eb 50e1ed5 Admin and lead editor page folder editing 1 e3f128f fa619b9 Editor page folder editing

Invite users

To invite a user to your project, click Add user on the top-right of the screen.

75f7643 Click add new user

Enter the user's email address and select a role. You'll see the role's permissions under its name in the drop-down. Then, click invite.

0d17784 Input an email address select a role then click save

The user will receive an email and they will be added to the team members list with Invitation sent status until they activate their login details through their email.

The link in the activation email is only valid for 48 hours. If the user doesn't activate their login before then, an Admin user will need to resend the invite by clicking the Resend invite icon.

c8924f3 resend invitation

Change role

To change the role of an active user, select the role from the drop-down menu in the Role column. Only Admin users can change other users' roles, a user can't change their own role.

772d426 Change role by selecting the dropdown

Remove users

Admin users can remove users from the project.

To remove users individually, hover on the name of the user and click the trash can icon.

f658fd5 Delete user using the delete icon

To remove multiple users at a time, select the checkboxes of the users that you want to remove and click Remove users.

2e088fb Click tickbox next to user name

Then, click Remove users again to confirm.

e6bf407 Confirm user deletion

Once confirmed, the users will no longer be able to use the studio for your project.