Using data sources

You can use Data sources in the Developer area to add new data sources and access those already added to your project.

Click Developer on the dashboard:

47073f8 Click developer on the dashboard

Then click Data sources:

5026e2e Click data sources in the developer area

The first time you open this, it might be empty.

dbfca61 Empty data source

Viewing details of data sources

Once data sources have been added, you can use the search field to find a specific data sources, or you can scroll through the list.

e2b1a46 Search data sources

If you click on a data source, you'll open a panel on the right of your screen where you can find information about that particular data source. For example, which environments it's available in, its name, category, and icon.

4c5e76b Right hand drawer for data sources

Click the Edit schema button to open the schema editor to see what's in the data source schema. Here, you can check the JSON schema or edit it. If you make any changes, you must keep backwards compatibility, or it could break your site.

Adding a data source

To add a new data source, click the Create schema button in the top right of the screen.

e0f09ad Create data source schema

See the developing a data source extension article and the using the schema editor article for more information.