In the Studio, you can collaborate by posting comments, tagging users in comments, and assigning users to review your work.


A notification is a message that displays inside the Studio when there are updates in a discussion you are following, such as a reply to your comment, someone mentioning you in a comment, or assigning you to review a page version.

Studio top menu with notifications icon

To open the notification pane, click the notification icon in the top menu bar. When you receive a notification, a number indicating the amount of unread notifications appears on the icon.

When you click a notification in the notification pane, it will be marked as read. To dismiss all notifications, click Mark all as read.


From the page builder, you can add comments to page versions, page templates, and component groups. You can also mention users in comments to include them in the discussion.

Comments are stored for 90 days.

View and add comments

To view comments, open the comment pane by clicking the comment icon in the page builder menu bar. To add a comment, type your text into the comment box and click Post comment.

Page builder header with comment icon

Edit and delete comments

To edit or delete your comment, hold your pointer over the comment and click the Edit or Delete icon.

Mention users

To mention a user in a comment, enter the @ symbol in the comment box to load the user list, then select the user. After you post your comment, the mentioned user will receive a notification.

Comment notifications

When you post a comment, you will automatically be notified if someone replies. To turn on or off comment notifications, click the Receive notifications toggle in the comment pane.


From the page builder, you can request other users to review page versions and page templates.

Request a review

To request a review, follow these steps:

  1. From the page builder, click the drop-down arrow on the Save button.
  2. Select Save and assign for review (or Assign for review if you have saved previously): the Assign for review dialog opens.
  3. From the Name drop-down, select the user to assign the review to.
  4. Optional: Add a comment in the Comments field.
  5. Click Assign.

When you assign someone a review, they receive a notification in the Studio and an email. After requesting a review, the page is locked, and no changes are allowed until the assignee reviews the page or the assignment is removed.

Review a page

When a user assigns you a review, you will receive a notification in the Studio and an email containing a link to the item to be reviewed. You can then review the changes and leave feedback.

To finish the review, click Mark as reviewed on the top menu bar.

Only the following users can mark a page as reviewed:

  • The user assigned to the review
  • Users with an Admin role

Remove a review assignment

The user who requested the review can also remove the assignment. To do so, open the comment pane in the page builder, then click Remove assignment.