Using schemas

You can use Schemas in the Developer area to download and upload schemas for your project configuration and page folder configurations.

Editing schemas

Click Developer on the dashboard:

4ed7b38 Click developer on the dashboard

Then click Schemas:

168b657 Click schemas in the developer area

Once open, you'll see the 2 schema types: Project schema and Page folder schema.

c147d43 Schema landing page

Click on a schema type to open the right-hand drawer, then click Edit schema to open the schema editor.

acfc837 Edit schema

You can see the current configuration, which you can then adjust as you wish.

3402fc1 Editing a project schema

Once edited, click the Validate button to ensure you don't have any errors. Then click the Publish button to save your changes.

If you need help, click the help icon or see the extending the page folder schema article and the extending the project schema article for more information.

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