Using Project settings

The Project area lets you configure your Frontend project settings.

From the Project area, you can configure the settings of your commercetools Frontend project for each Studio environment.

The fields displayed in the Project area are determined by the project settings schema created by developers. If no schema has been added yet, the page will be empty.

The fields are the same in all Studio environments. However, the values you enter in the fields are environment-specific. This means you can set different configuration values in the same field for each environment.

The Project area with some settings fields

Project settings schema

The project settings schema determines the fields for project configuration that you can manage from the Studio and thus appear in the Project area. Developers in your team are responsible for creating the schema, where they define the field properties, for example, the label, the type, and whether they are required or not.

When creating the project settings schema, developers can adapt it to your use cases. For example, they can add fields to manage SEO properties, brand colors, API client credentials, or any settings Studio users should configure.

For further information, see Schemas and Manage project configuration.

Configure project settings

Only Studio users with Admin or Lead editor role can configure the project settings by entering or editing the configuration values in the Project area fields.

After applying your changes, click Save to confirm them.

The values of encrypted fields are hidden after you save them. To edit the value of an encrypted field, delete it by clicking X and enter the new value.