Scheduling navigation changes

You can schedule a page folder to be published at specified times. Scheduling a page folder determines from and until when the page folder is published.

The time used for scheduling changes is based on your computer time. If you want to schedule changes for a Country in a different time zone, you will need to calculate the corresponding time of your computer. For example, if you want changes to be published at 13:00 CET and your computer time is GMT, you must schedule them for 12:00 GMT.

Schedule changes to navigation

Initial checks

First, check the settings of the navigation in the header or component group as this can vary from website to website. If you're using tree depth, make sure you add the new page folder within the trees that are used.

Create a page folder and a scheduled page version

Then, follow these steps to create a page folder and a scheduled page version:

  1. From the Studio home page or from the left menu, go to Site builder.

  2. If you want to add a page folder in an existing page folder, select the page folder in the list.

  3. Click New page folder: the Create page folder dialog opens.

  4. In the Page name field, enter the name of the page folder. Then, click Save: the page folder is saved in the page folder list.

  5. Create a page version for the page folder you created and edit it in the page builder.

  6. Schedule the page version you created.

Add the new page folder to the header component group

Finally, if you need to adapt your header component group, add the page folder you created to it. To edit the component group, follow these steps:

  1. From the Studio home page or from the left menu, go to Templates > Component groups.

  2. In the Component groups pane, click the Edit icon related to the component group to edit.

  3. Click the More icon of the component group and edit the component by adding the page folder.

  4. Click Save.

The new navigation item will show in the preview of the component group. However when you save it, it won't show on your live page until the scheduled page version is published.