Scheduling navigation changes

This is an experimental feature. Use this feature at your own risk.

You can schedule a page folder to go live in your navigation at a certain time in the future.

The time used for scheduling is based on the time in your browser. If you want to schedule a page for a site in another country, you'll need to work out the time for that country based on your browser time for it to go live. For example, if I wanted a page version to go live at 13:00 CET and I'm based in GMT, I would schedule the page for 12:00.

Scheduling changes to navigation

Initial checks

First, you'll need to check the setup of your navigation in your header or component group as this can vary from site to site. If you're using tree depth, make sure you add your new page folder within the trees that are used.

Creating a page folder and scheduled page versions

  1. Click on the page folder where you want to create your new page folder, then click New and Create page folder

671548f Click new then select create page folder

  1. Input a name and click Save

110d5f7 Input a new name and save

  1. Select your new page folder, then click New and Create page version

3df9f9e Click new then select create page version

  1. Input a name, select a page template if you have one set up, and then click Save

64a702e Input a name for your new page version and click save

  1. Set up your page in the page builder and click Save
  2. Click the more icon on your new page version

079100b Click the more icon on your page version

  1. Select Schedule

d1db6a1 Select schedule

  1. Input a From and To date and time (leave To empty if you want it to stay live), and click Save

cc14260 Input a to date and click save

You'll now find the page version within the Scheduled section. When it reaches the scheduled time, it'll also be in the Live section.

Adding the new page folder to the header component group

If you need to adapt your header component group, you can now go and add this page folder to it. For example, our navigation inputs would look like below:

50d6827 New navigation inputs

The new navigation item will show in your preview, but once you save it, it won't show on your live page until your scheduled page version goes live.

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