Using the site builder

You can use the Site builder to build page folders and page versions.

Click Site builder on the dashboard to open the site builder area.

9e39ae4 Click the site builder icon on the dashboard

Site builder sections

Below is an example of what to expect when you click the Site builder icon:

debf494 Site builder

You can see that the page is divided into 3 sections.

The first section on the left is the structure of your website. You create page folders (a section within your navigation) that make up this structure (for example, Women) and then create page versions (what your customers will see) within the page folder that'll be visible to your users.

In the example below, within the Main section, there's a page version named Start page which you can see a sample preview of on the right.

Error icon

The preview isn't a real-time preview and can display errors when there are none. It should only be used to get a general idea of the page version you've selected. This preview shouldn't be used to check if your page is correct. Use the preview in the page builder to check your page versions.

fa83826 Selected page folder with selected page version and preview

In the middle of the screen is the page version section. You can duplicate versions, schedule them to go live in the future, delete page versions, or set a new page version live. You can expand or minimize a section with the arrows, and by hovering on a page version name, you can see the options available.

119414e Page versions

When you click on a page version, you'll see a preview of that page on the right of your screen. This isn't a real preview, it's only to give you a general idea of the selected page version. It can show some errors that aren't really on your page version. It shouldn't be used to check if your page is correct. See the previewing page versions article for how to use the real preview.

b57c2a6 Page version preview in site builder

So now we know the layout, let's look at how you can create a new page folder.