Using the developer area

You can use Developer to access the developer actions in the studio.

6c6b5e0 Click developer on the dashboard

Once you've clicked Developer, you'll find the below screen:

0a6d0ad Developer dashboard

Each section is outlined below.


In Schemas, you can manipulate basic settings regarding your project or page folder configuration.

d7c9ca8 Schema landing page

To edit the current configuration, click on the one you want to update, then click the Edit schema button.

c30f895 Edit schema

Each environment has its own schema, so you can have different settings for each environment if you wish.

See the extending page folder schema article and extending the project schema article for more information.


You can execute a zero downtime deployment of a new version of your backend, as well as a zero downtime rollback if anything goes wrong.

08f9fca Deployment landing page

You can do a deployment from any environment setting in the studio.

For more information, see the deployment article.

Continuous Integration

You can get an overview of your build process regarding success, duration, or version running throughout the pipeline.

0bf099d Continuous integration list

You'll see the same logs no matter which environment you're in.

Click the version name to see the build, the revision link to see the changes, or the down arrow to view the difference. Or open the Build log.

For more information, see the Continuous Integration article.


You'll find your sandboxes for development.

292e830 New sandbox

You can access all the same sandboxes in any environment selected.

Find out more in the sandboxes in the studio article.

Data sources

When you first open this area, it'll be empty. You'll need to add schemas for data sources for your project.

8737184 Data sources landing page

Find out more in the using data sources in the studio article.

Dynamic pages

When you first open this area, it'll be empty. You'll need to add schemas for dynamic pages for your project.

d0e45c7 Dynamic pages in developer landing page

Find out more in the using dynamic pages in the studio article.